Ti Amo Cake

Exclusively made for true lovers! Heart shaped love cake with red sugary glaze, along with signature ti amo and little white sweet sugary butterfly. Surprise your love!

Chocolate Glaze

A truly decadent southern classic: Heart shaped cake with milk chocolate glaze, chocolate or vanilla cream, sweet sugary roses and candied cherries. Perfect for special celebrations!

Chocolaty Fusion

Melt your loved ones heart by sending them this delicious and sumptuous looking heart shaped chocolate cake with cream, fusion of white and dark chocolate glaze and white sugary sweet all over it.

Deliciously Fruity

Fruit lovers behold. This delicious fruit cake with whipped cream, candied cherries, sugary green leaves, and pieces of ananas fruit in a white decoration will satisfy your taste buds and sweet tooth too.

Mixed Fruit Punch

Get a hold on this mouthwatering fruity indulgence! This round shaped fruit shortcrust pastry with vanille cream and fresh fruits like strawberry, kiwi and blueberries is a natural and delicious treat to your sweet tooth.

Milky Delight

Celebrate special moments with this Chocolate flavored cake. Round shaped milk chocolate cake with whipped chocolate cream and chocolate decoration will be an instant hit among masses.

Holiday Basket

Put a smile on that special someones face with this bountiful wicker basket overflowing with fresh seasonal fruits, along with lindt chocolate, toblerone and after eight. Substitution of contents may occur if unavailable.

Mona Lisa

Enigmatic and expressive, this extravagant floral arrangement of pink gerberas and fuxia flowers arranged in a vase is picture perfect for that special someone.


This bouquet of exotic flowers is no stranger to the spotlight. An attention grabber, it will turn heads and the cameras. Along with a complimentary box of chocolate.