Lemon Pie 1 kg

A mass brisee crispy, with Italian meringue and lemon cream.It is a very fresh and soft cake.We recommend it… For any type of meeting. A classic that is eaten at tea-time or as a dessert for any occasion. Product Image is for reference, Actual produ

Pink wishes

You’ve done the groundwork. Now, let them do the detective work. Wouldn’t you enjoy the intrigue of being sent a wrap of 12 bright-pink roses peeking from rich green foliage with a cute teddy, wishing love.

Dark Chocolate Cake 1 kg

Surprise your loved ones with this Chocolate cream cake of around 1 kilo grams. Whether it is an anniversary, birthday or any other celebration this enticing cake is bound to make the occasion even more special. Product Image is for reference, Actual prod

Golden Love

It is not just cupids quiver that sets hearts a quiver. You can hit the mark just as easily as that nubile charmer by sending your sweetheart a dreamy handtied bouquet of 12 golden yellow roses gamboling in verdant foliage with a cuddly teddy.

Sweet Everythings

A dozen passionate crimson roses nestled between bright green foliage. The velvety softness of the petals, the rich fragrance of the flowers, and the electrifying and refreshing effects on the eye ignite countless memories and new desires what more, this